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VPS Paint Protection

We can customise a package to suit your personal requirements. From partial frontal, full frontal to full vehicle wraps; any combination can be tailored made. Our high performance removable transparent polyurethane film, is specifically designed to preserve the beauty and integrity of your vehicle. It is ideal for protecting high-wear paint surfaces from stone chips, insects, scratching and most types of environmental damage. Extreme off-road conditions require extreme protection. VPS paint protection film enables you to use your 4x4 to its full potential protecting your paint through all harsh conditions. Full body paint protection is available for all off-road vehicles which protect the vulnerable surfaces of your vehicle.

Made from a super-tough polyurethane film that protects your car without changing its appearance, VPS paint protection films is virtually unnoticeable on the vehicle and can be removed easily without any trace, leaving the brilliant shine of your unscathed paint surface. There are a million causes of paint damage from sandblasting, stones and gravel to road debris. VPS paint protection film reduces the impact of these every day road hazards allowing you to enjoy the freedom of the drive no matter the road conditions. The VPS paint protection film is highly transparent, developed to protect the vehicle without altering its appearance making sure that the beauty of your car and its paintwork is reflective through the clear guard.

Smash & Grab Window Tinting

Having your windows tinted provides a range of advantages to the motorist as well as its passengers. A particular key benefit of tint application would be the proper protection concerning UV radiation coming from direct sunlight. Smash and Grab safeguards you in your car in case you end up being the target of some criminals. The film is going to hold the window the moment it is smashed and makes things harder for these offenders to obtain easy access to your vehicle.

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